Airwolf 3D Printer Reviews and Customer Testimonials

3D Printed Cable Save

You can definitely use me as a business reference. The EVO 3D printer is the best tool I have with only the Ultimaker 2+ at a distant second.

Nate / Cable Save

Your technical support staff is the best I have ever worked with. The support is phenomenal.

Eddie M. / Sun Valley High School
Polycarbonate Part with Clean Support

You took the team further and faster than anyone could have done. Thanks to you and Eric for not only making a great product, but supporting it in a way no other provider could.

Derek K. / AEP
Airwolf cares about customers

Airwolf is awesome. I bought a printer from them a really long time ago and I have always received great service. I had an issue once and they got my machine dialed in and working like new again and upgraded some parts for me for cheap. I think they genuinely really care about their customers…More

Dillon C. / Orange County, CA

The Axiom Dual Extruder 3D printer is perfect for our needs. Whenever I contact anyone at Airwolf it is a pleasure. They are knowledgeable and friendly. They get the job done and it feels like they even wanted to do it. It is good to find a company that likes…more

Jonathan J. / Linden, TX

Purchased an Axiome Direct Drive unit and was Very Pleased with the simple but Extremely strong structure and robust printer head, I recently upgraded the unit to a heated bed model and purchased all the upgrade parts from Airwolf, they were very inexpensive…More

Greg M. / Santa Clarita, CA

I have had a good experience with the Airwolf 3D printer. I purchased an Axiom and have upgraded to the dual. Real good quality of print—and that is at a lower setting. Many materials. Modular construction for upgradeability…More

Gogoosh F. / Carlsbad, CA

Awesome sales and support as usual. Had an issue with heat cartridge and support took care of it immediately. Issued a technical ticket beforehand and Blake in support was able to diagnose the issue 100% before arriving at the shop. I drive all the way up from Carlsbad…More

Matthew Y. / Carlsbad, CA

We use their dual direct drive at our school. The students love being able to 3D print. Fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it!

AirWolf is helpful when things go awry.

Kristi K. / Newport Beach, CA

Great experience. Very helpful. Cool printer rental program too! Great help with tech questions. Everyone is always so polite as well.

Matthew I. / Huntington Beach, CA

Awesome products! Great customer service! They did a full training tutorial for my company and were very helpful with all of our questions! Looking forward To seeing the new EVO metal 3D printer coming out hopefully soon!

Alex R. / Trabuco Canyon, CA

Best 3d printers! Reliable and consistent prints.We’ve used hdx and axiom.They print in many filaments and print fast.

Angela K. / Los Angeles, CA

Being responsible for spending the precious little money my school district has for my budget, it was important for me to purchase 3D printers that would meet our needs. Equally as important was the customer service that comes after the sale…More

John Horton / Education

I have been using an Airwolf 3d printer for 6 years now. We purchased the first one from them because we were happy that they were made in the USA. Also, the were local to us. We have the 7th one that…More

Sue Pantoja / Orange County, CA

We’ve been using Axioms since they first came out in 2015, and they have always been our go-to machine for challenging jobs. We recently upgraded to Axiom Dual Direct Drive and we couldn’t be happier. They offer reliable and repeatable…More

Jesse Jackson / University of California, Irvine

We’ve been with Airwolf from the beginning.They truly value their partnerships with education.If something goes wrong, they are quick to address it. Great products and people all the way around. Our MIT project this past summer…More

Ed Hernandez / Tustin High School

I bought the Axiom Dual direct drive printer in Feb 2018. Within a week, it was on my doorstep. In that time, I have printed non-stop on it without problems. Thats not saying the printer is without limitations. I have been using the APEX…More

Robert Goodnight

I’ve used two different Airwolf 3D printers – an XL and an AXIOMe – for several years now.Very reliable and accurate machines.I’m literally using either one or the other almost every day with student projects or making edge-lit LED…More

Mark Bush / Century High School

We recently added a few EVOs to the lab and they are, by far, the best value in the range of the entry level professionaldesktop fused filament deposition based 3D printers available on the US market today. Airwolf 3D not…More

Mickey Micic / Cerritos College

They have been immensely helpful in a myriad of ways from instruction to equipment donations and everything in between. We could not be where we are today without their help and as we continue our endeavors we will always appreciate…More

William Amos / Closed Loop Plastics

Great product, supportive team, and an easy-to-use interface!

John Stevens / Educator

Students in my Gateway to Technology class have been inspired by being able to print their designs with the AirWolf! We have been printing custom hall passes for the teachers and many other projects. Currently the ASB director broke…More

Joeseph Ismay / Educator

They provide great service. Technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. Quick turnaround whenever I take my machine in for service.

Tinh Tran

Amazing company. Wonderful staff and printers. Reliable printers mine has been running since I purchased it.

Jeffrey Derouso

I have used Multiple 3D machines and I am very happy with my recent purchase of the Airwolf Axiom, The auto leveling bed and self cleaning brushes really make life simple.

Kyle Mooney

I am a teacher in Southern Cali.I received an AW3D HDL for my class.I absolutely love it & have received the very best customer service when questions about use arise.Best company ever!

RoseZetta Cummings / Educator

The best quality 3D printers, very friendly staff and the best service.

Arturo Alvarez

real Proven results

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