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Apex Slicing Software

Developed by Airwolf 3D and Exclusively for Airwolf 3D Printers





Version History


  • 1.8.6 – 08/07/2023
    1. EVO Printers:
      • Add EVO 2X
        • Build size adjusts depending on material
      • Improve build parameters for second nozzle
      • Darken go/no-go zones for easier part placement
  • 1.8.5 – 03/06/2023
    1. All Printers:
      • Update notification improved
      • Support infill accuracy improved
    2. EVO R, EVO, EVO-T, EVO 22, and EVO22-T:
      • Increase PETG cooling tower size
      • Compatibility with upcoming G2 hot end
  • 1.8.4 – 12/01/2022
    1. All Printers:
      1. Improve small infill control
    2. Axiom Printers:
      • Add new versions of firmware for MaxGrip build plates
        • Space head further from build plate
    3. EVO R, EVO, EVO-T, EVO 22, and EVO22-T:
      • Improve PETG settings
      • Cooling tower size increased for large nozzle prints
      • Remove decimal from ASA bed settings
      • Revise material settings
  • 1.8.3 – 09/06/2022
    1. All Printers:
      • Support strength adjustability improved
    2. EVO R, EVO, EVO-T, EVO 22, and EVO22-T:
      • Improved speed and quality for large nozzle prints
      • TPU prints with cooling tower for improved thin-walled prints
      • Revise material settings
  • 1.8.2 – 03/10/2022
    1. All Printers:
      • Adjustable distance wipe tower
        • Expert config->Wipe tower X/Y offset
    2. EVO R, EVO, EVO-T, EVO 22, and EVO22-T:
      • Improve Remote Connection – now includes automatic refresh and STOP
        • active with TouchScreen 1.67+
      • Increase FAST speed settings
      • Improve dual nozzle surface finish
      • Improve top surface finish
      • Retraction added between small part and cooling tower
      • Revise material settings for large parts
      • Add chamber heater settings for Hydrofill
  • 1.8.1 – 01/21/2022
    1. All Printers:
      • Additional filament primed when increasing speeds
        • Activated with Retraction Compensation
      • Multi-material parts sliced strictly according to material selection
        • Avoids incorrect gCode generation
      • Improved string support generation for easier removal
      • Improved smart print functionality for quicker print speeds
      • Improved infill generation for small areas
    2. EVO R, EVO, EVO-T, EVO 22, and EVO22-T:
      • Retraction hop increases when support selected to minimize skipping
      • Speeds adjusted depending on part size rather than part amount
      • Stepper current adjusted according to material
      • Revise/add chamber heater settings
      • Plugin values corrected for simple settings mode
  • 1.8.0 – 07/16/2021
    1. All Printers:
      • Cooling tower option for small parts
        • Builds cooling tower to minimize heat soak
        • Full settings->Cooling->Cooling tower
      • Retraction compensation improved
        • Varies retraction and Z hop amounts based on speed and distance
      • Parts stay in position when switching between simple and full settings
      • Object sink defaults to “0” when switching to simple settings
    2. EVO R, EVO, EVO-T, EVO 22, and EVO22-T:
      • NEW FEATURE – Remote Operation (Wi-Fi/Ethernet)
        • Remote->Remote Operations Menu
        • Control EVO(s) from PC (Print/Save/Update)
        • Follow instructions to add machines via IP addresses
        • Requires EVO 1.65 TouchScreen update
      • Graduated initial layers
        • Initial 3 layer heights are graduated to improve quality
        • i.e., .3mm, .26mm, .22mm
      • Cooling tower defaults to “On” for small parts
      • Material settings improved for larger parts
      • Improved dual nozzle settings included graduated retraction
      • Speeds capped on smart print to avoid under-extrusion
      • gCode provide more descriptive information, i.e., print temp, date, etc.
  • 1.7.9 – 4/29/2021
    1. All Printers:
      • Triangle infill improved for small features
      • Retraction compensation improved
      • Now accounts for distance in addition to speed
    2. EVO R, EVO, EVO-T, EVO 22, and EVO22-T:
      • Material settings revised for higher quality prints
      • Shrinkage compensation added for EVO R
      • Correct sample part included for each machine
  • 1.7.8 – 3/23/2021
    1. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • New Printers
        • Added EVO-T and EVO22-T
        • Available from TRAK Machine Tools
      • Improved solid layer surface finish
      • Revised material settings
  • 1.7.7 – 2/16/2021
    1. All Printers:
      • New Feature
        • First layer flow %
        • Full settings->Basic->Filament->First layer flow (%)
      • Improve support strength adjustment
        • Expert->Support->Structure strength
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • New Feature
        • Shrinkage compensation
          • Preferences->Shrinkage compensation
      • Automatically compensates for shrinkage
      • Shrinkage factor (XY body ratio) scales model according to filament type
      • New Feature
        • Speed adjustment
        • Quickprint->Speed
      • Revise material settings
      • Revise 1.0mm nozzle settings
      • Hydrofill standalone material added (lost wax-style printing)
  • 1.7.5 – 11/25/2020
    1. All Printers:
      • New Feature
        • Support retraction
        • Expert->Open expert settings->Support->Support retraction
      • Correct bridging default speed
      • EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
        • Add Carbonite ABS, Carbonite PETG, and Carbonite Nylon
        • Add ASA with HIPS support
        • Default to support retraction
        • Improve .35mm nozzle settings for better small part definition
        • Improve bridging
  • 1.7.4 – 10/19/2020
    1. All Printers:
      • Improve gCode layer view
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Improve dual color settings
      • Improve .35mm nozzle settings for better small part definition
      • Improve retraction compensation
      • Add slight overextrusion to second layer to better connect first, second, and third layers
      • Vary travel acceleration based on part size
  • 1.7.3 – 5/19/2020
    1. All Printers:
      • New Feature
        • Adjustable solid layers for support interface
        • Expert->Open expert settings->Support->Solid interface layers
      • Acceleration adjustment feature revised to improve print accuracy
      • Retraction compensation feature revised to also shorten retraction when possible
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • When Nylon selected, bed preheats to 125C briefly to seat Wolfbite Nitro
      • Chamber heat gradually increases to account for heat from bed
      • Increased minimum speeds for ABS and Nylon
      • TPU/TPE solid interface layers default to 6
  • 1.7.2 – 4/20/2020
    1. All Printers:
      • Split expert config into three columns for easier viewing
      • Configurable wipe tower
      • Adjust to one of six positions
      • Expert->Open expert settings->Support->Wipe tower location
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Travel speed increased on larger prints
      • PC settings improved for higher accuracy
      • Supports spaced out farther from part on large prints
      • Draft layer heights increased and infill decreased to speed up prints
      • Turn off layer subdivision on small (less than 10 layer) parts
      • TPU min speeds increased to prevent dripping
      • Hydrofill defaulted to string support for quicker prints and support removal
  • 1.7.1 – 2/14/2020
    1. All Printers:
      • NEW FEATURE: Retraction Compensation
        • Adjust retraction amount dependent on print speed
        • Expert->Open expert settings->Retraction->Retraction compensation
      • NEW FEATURE: Bridging Speed and Fan Control
        • Adjust print speed and fan speed when bridging
        • Expert->Open expert settings->Bridging->Print speed/Side fan speed
      • Improvements to smart print automatic speed adjustment
      • Correct minimum layer time calculation for slowing print
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Retraction compensation defaults to “on”
      • Bridging speeds set for ABS and PLA
      • Revisions to Speed, Temp, and Support for ABS Dual Color settings
      • Increase ABS Draft 1.0mm nozzle layer height to .34mm
      • Increase ABS and PLA support z spacing for Draft settings
      • Improvement to dual nozzle long retractions
      • Minimal print speed lowered to 2mm/s
  • 1.7.0 – 1/15/2020
    1. All Printers:
      • NEW FEATURE: Acceleration adjustment
        •    Cleaner prints, adjusts acceleration depending on infill, perimeter, skin, support
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Quality->Enable acceleration adjustment
      • NEW FEATURE: Triangle infill
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Infill->Infill type->Triangle
      • NEW FEATURE: String support
        •    Better support interconnection, useful when lines support is scattering
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Support->Structure type->String
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Acceleration adjustment defaults to “on”
      • Infill defaults to Triangle
      • Support for most materials defaults to String
      • Add Nylon Fine settings
      • Add PC Dual Color settings
      • Revisions to ABS and PC retraction
  • 1.6.9 – 12/11/2019
    1. All Printers:
      • NEW FEATURE: Retraction on layer change
        •    Cleaner prints, especially PLA and single perimeter parts
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Quality->Enable retraction on layer change
      • APEX defaults to Quickprint on start up
        •    Avoids potential inconsistencies between expert mode and preferences
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Retraction on layer change defaults to “on”
      • Revisions to PC and PET settings
  • 1.6.8 – 11/20/2019
    1. All Printers:
      • NEW FEATURE: Adjustable support strength
        •    Easier support removal
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Support->Structure strength
      • Lines+ support reconfigured to parallel lines with higher density
        •    Easier support removal
      • Dual extrusion retraction rate momentarily reduced
        •    Occurs when filament re-enters hot end
        •    More reliable dual nozzle printing
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Dual nozzle prints
        •    Retraction speed slowed for ABS and PLA
        •    Retraction distance increased for ABS and PLA
        •    Wipe tower size increased for TPE, ABS and PLA
      • PC temps now user adjustable
        •    Prints start auto-level sequence at 282C
        •    User-defined temp implemented on first layer
  • 1.6.7 – 11/1/2019
    1. All Printers:
      • NEW FEATURE: Spot fan cooling for small parts
        •    Enables side fans to be used only to cool small layers
        •    Useful for cooling engineering materials where fan is only needed periodically
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Side Fans->Fans only for small features
      • NEW FEATURE: Increased layer time criteria for side fan activation
        •    Enables user to specify layer time below which fan is activated
        •    Fan speed modulates depending on layer size
        •    Useful for cooling intricate parts with small layers
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Side Fans->Added layer time for activating
      • NEW FEATURE: Enable smart print
        •    Automatic slow down for small features and speed up for large features
        •    Speed changes occur part to part in layer depending on part geometry
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Quality->Enable smart print
      • Side fans only operate above minimal layer height and modulate more accurately
    2. Axiom and EVO Printers:
      • NEW FEATURE: Slow cooling for bed when printing with ABS and PC variants
        •    Reduces bed temperature slowly after print is completed
        •    Prolongs glass life by minimizing thermal shock
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Slow bed cooling->Slow cool
    3. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Print speed adjusted based on quality selection (in addition to part size and material selection)
        •    Increased quality on small parts, decreased print time on larger parts
      • Slow bed cooling defaults to “on” for ABS and PC variants
      • Spot cooling defaults to “on” for Nylon variants
      • Smart print defaults to “on”
      • Quicker slicing because less “tweaks”
      • Better side fan modulation on small layers
      • Light sequence to signal end of print
      • Print time and material amount added to gCode description
      • Added ABS DUAL COLOR PRECISE settings
      • Correlated ESD ABS, PC ABS, PC ABS with PLA, Carbon Nylon, PET, T-GLASE, and COLORFABB-XT settings to Quickprint menu
  • 1.6.4 – 10/15/2019
    1. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Change nozzle size depending on head chosen
        •    EVO R secondary nozzle defaults to .8mm
        •    EVO and EVO 22 secondary nozzle defaults to 1.0mm
      • Normalize print speeds for better outer wall surface finish
      • Fix print temperatures for secondary nozzle
  • 1.6.3 – 9/26/2019
    1. All Printers:
      • NEW FEATURE: Temperature reduction for inactive nozzle
        •    Reduces temperature of unused nozzle to minimize dripping
        •    Expert->Open expert settings->Temperature reduction for inactive nozzle
      • NEW FEATURE: Verbose identification
        •    Identifies printer and material when exporting gCode
        •    File->Preferences->Verbose identification
      • Print parameters now included in beginning of gCode
        •    Apex version, printer type, nozzle, nozzle size, material, quality, layer height, perimeters, fill rate
      • Increase build area for dual nozzle prints with wipe tower
        •    Wipe tower now accurately represented in part v. bed area go/no-go calculation
      • Ooze shield reliability increased with change in minimum shield angle
        •    Increase reliability and precision of dual color prints
    2. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Vary first layer height and overextrusion based on part size
        •    More precise first layer for smaller parts
        •    May be necessary to update firmware to lower first layer
      • Modify PLA parameters for increased precision
        •    Lower fine and precise layer height
        •    Lower extruder temps
        •    Lower bed temps
        •    Modify start code to keep fan on 100%
      • Increase retraction distance for dual color prints
      • Increase travel speeds for quicker printing
      • Revise ABS temperature and retraction settings
  • 1.6.1 – 8/13/2019
    1. Airwolf introduces EVO R
      • Dual extruders, Airwolf TouchScreen, linear motion system, Hepa/Carbon air filtration, approx. 12″x8.75″x9″ build volume
    2. All Printers:
      • Please navigate to File> Reset Apex to enable all features in 1.6.1
        •    Reminder:  Auto slicing can be turned off in the Preferences dialog box this makes part manipulation significantly easier
      • Top Surface Quality Apex now adjusts the quality of top surfaces by dividing the top layer into multiple finer layers for higher resolution
        •    Adjustable in Expert Config menu in Full Settings (Precise, Standard, Draft)
      • Infill Interface Density Infill density is adjustable immediately prior to top layers
        •    Adjustable in Expert Config menu in Full Settings (Dense, Medium, Sparse)
        •    Only triggered when less than 6 top layers specified
    3. EVO R, EVO, and EVO 22:
      • Apex now automatically adjusts speeds, temps, accel values, and tweaks depending on size of all parts on build plate
      • Improve secondary nozzle printing
      • Default support precision to “precise”
      • Add TPU with Hydrofill precise settings
      • Revise TPU settings
      • Revise TPE settings
      • Revise ABS and PLA Dual Color settings
      • Revise ABS settings for 1.0mm nozzle
  • 1.5.9 – 6/10/2019
    1. All Printers:
      • Please navigate to File> Reset Apex to enable all features in 1.5.9
      • Autoslice selectability feature allows user to turn off automatic slicing File>Preferences>Automatically slice models (off/on)
      • Concentric solid layer support for easier part/support separation
      • Solid layer support generation for same material support (smooth undersides to parts printed with single material)
      • New “Lines+” support option builds enhanced lines-style support under solid interface layers (above)
      • New “Structure precision” support option allows support generation control for hard to reach locations
      • Change background, menu, and part colors
    2. Axiom 20:
      • Revise print area dimensions to better correspond to machine make sure to “Reset Apex” 
    3. EVO and EVO 22:
      • Fix tweak settings for primary/secondary temperature adjustments 
      • Increase first layer speeds
      • Smooth perimeter walls for all materials
      • Revise TPU settings
      • Revise PC settings
      • Revise HYDROFILL settings
  • 1.5.8 – 5/9/2019
    1. All Printers:
      • Solid layer support generation with grid selection (smooth undersides to parts with Hydrofill)
      • Support generation optimized to account for more overhangs
      • Prime tower location, base and infill optimized
      • Linear infill calculation
    2. EVO and EVO 22:
      • Revised PC settings
      • Revised ABS settings
      • Revised HYDROFILL settings
  • 1.5.7 – 4/24/2019
    • Adjust prime tower according to height for Hydrofill
    • Revise Hydrofill settings
    • Revise TPU/TPE settings
    • Revise PC settings
    • Improve part centering
    • Change speed on tall prints to minimize swaying
    • Expand print volume
  • 1.5.5 – 1/28/2019
    • Minimum print speeds increased
    • Adjust raft settings for different nozzle sizes
    • Retraction settings updated
    • Axiom:
      • Increased build size settings for Axiom Dual
      • Adjust raft settings for different nozzle sizes
  • 1.5.4 – 1/21/2019
    • Improved menu in simple mode for ease of use
    • Chamber heat option added with automatic bed heat adjustments
    • Print temperature automatically adjusts based on print size
    • Print speed varies based on print size
    • Support percentage increased for fine quality prints
    • Adjust raft settings for different nozzle sizes
    • Retraction hop added to increase print reliability
    • Center fan speed increased for ABS for enhanced print reliability
    • Axiom:
      • Improved menu in simple mode for ease of use
      • Default quality settings for selected materials
      • Adjust raft settings for different nozzle sizes
  • 1.5.1 – 12/7/2018
    • Hydrofill can now be printed without raft bed temps adjust automatically
    • Added Strength setting to adjust infill percentage and wall thickness
    • Footprint setting now linked to bottom layer print speed and travel speed
    • Print speeds now linked to material and quality
    • Support parameters now linked to nozzle size, material, and quality
    • TPU settings modified to reduce fan speed to avoid over-cooling nozzle
    • Axiom:
      • Hydrofill can now be printed without raft bed temp adjusts automatically
  • 1.4.9 – 11/26/2018
    1. EVO and EVO 22:
      • Added Footprint setting to correlate bed temperature to part size
      • Nozzle size now adjusts shell thickness, layer height, wall thickness, and infill
      • Side fan speeds adjusted for all relevant materials
      • No-go zones adjusted for primary and secondary nozzles
    2. All printers:
      • Material defaults to preferred material on opening
      • Raft spacing adjusted
  • 1.4.8 – 10/11/2018

    • Revised Draft ABS and PLA settings for Evo and Evo 22
    • Added ESD ABS settings for Evo and Evo 22
    • Added XLARGE ABS settings for Evo 22
    • Added 1.0 nozzle selection for Evo and Evo 22
    • Adjusted center fan speed based on material selection
    • Simplified File menu
    • Improved Draft Quality for Evo Materials