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Trade-In Program

Get superior performance out of your 3D printer and start printing everything from high-temperature polycarbonate and polypropylene to flexible TPE and TPU when you trade in your old printer* for a new EVO Additive Manufacturing Center, AXIOM 20, or AXIOM machine.

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3D Printer Buy back program
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We Will Buy Your Unsupported Printer and Upgrade You to a New EVO!

You may have heard, some 3D printer companies have been going out of business, leaving schools and businesses with equipment that is no longer supported. Airwolf 3D will take your trade-in and give you credit toward the purchase of a new EVO Additive Manufacturing Center.
Trade in Your old 3d printer

We Reward Loyal Customers

Airwolf 3D customers, we want to reward your loyalty by helping you upgrade to the newest and absolute best 3D printers we have to offer. Take advantage of our premium trade-in values and upgrade to the EVO Additive Manufacturing Center or AXIOM Direct Drive 3D printer of your choice.

Industrial 3D printer

Trade-In Values*

Airwolf 3D v5.5 $350
Airwolf 3D XL$500
Airwolf 3D HDL$700
Airwolf 3D HD$800
Airwolf 3D HD2X/R$900
AXIOMe Bowden$750
AXIOM Single Bowden$1,000
AXIOM Dual Bowden$1,250
AXIOMe Direct Drive$1,050**
AXIOM Single Direct Drive$1,400**
AXIOM Dual Direct Drive$1,700**

*Customer must pay difference between trade-in value and machine. The printer must be in good working condition. With the exception of 5.5 and XL printers, all trade-in machines must have an intact serial number. The condition of the product may affect its trade-in value. Limited to one trade-in unit per printer.AXIOM 20 machines are not eligible for trade-in credit.

**Credit amount is higher for units purchased within one (1) year of upgrade. Contact Airwolf 3D Sales at (949)478-2933 or for more information.

Trade in Your Old 3D Printer*

Feeling stuck with a 3D printer that doesn’t meet your high-performance needs? Maybe you hoped you could save money on a lower-cost printer only to find that it will not print flexible materials like TPE or TPU. Or perhaps your skills have advanced and you now need a machine that prints high-temperature engineering-grade materials like polycarbonate or propylene.

No problem. Save time, money, and hassle by upgrading to a high-performance Airwolf 3D EVO Additive Manufacturing Center or AXIOM 3D printer. For a limited time, Airwolf 3D will even offer trade-in credit* towards a new Airwolf 3D machine.

3D Printer Buy back program
trade in an old 3D printer

*Trade in your eligible 3D printer and receive credit towards a new EVO Additive Manufacturing Center or AXIOM machine.

Machines must be in working condition as evaluated by Airwolf 3D. Airwolf 3D reserves the right to accept trade-in machines at its discretion. Customer must pay difference between trade-eligible machine and new Airwolf 3D machine. Shipping and additional fees may apply.

Questions? We’re happy to answer them. Simply contact us at (949)478-2933 or

Ready for an Airwolf 3D machine?

Please fill out the form below and an Airwolf 3D Wolfpack team member will reach out to you regarding your trade-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EVO Additive Manufacturing Center is fully upgraded for greater performance in terms of speed, print quality, and usability. With its ability to print metal, built-in air filtration, and ruggedized construction, the EVO is ideal for industrial applications.

We will accept other brands of 3D printers in exchange for trade-in credit towards an Airwolf 3D machine. Eligibility of the device will be determined by an Airwolf 3D service technician. Machines must be in working condition and Airwolf 3D reserves the right to accept trade-in machines at its discretion.

Contact us for a preliminary evaluation of your old machine’s eligibility and an estimate on the machine’s trade-in credit. If an Airwolf 3D representative determines that the machine is eligible, you will then send your old machine to us for full verification. Once the old machine’s condition is fully verified, a trade-in credit will be issued to you for use towards a new EVO or AXIOM machine.

Airwolf 3D reserves the right to refuse a trade-in machine if it does not match the condition in the initial evaluation. You will be responsible for shipping the machine to Airwolf 3D as well as insurance or any damage that may occur in transit. Customer must also pay return shipping, if the machine eligibility is withdrawn.

Contact us now at (949)478-2933 and an Airwolf 3D representative will walk you through the process.

You must pay the difference between the trade-eligible machine and a new Airwolf 3D machine. Shipping fees will also apply unless you are an Airwolf 3D Premium Pass Member.

We would love to hear from you and help you evaluate whether or not an upgrade to EVO is right for you. Contact us at (949)478-2933 or at

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