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Best 3D Printer for Education

What makes the axiome the best 3d printer for educational use?

The AXIOMe is designed specifically for use in the classroom. Safe and reliable, the AXIOMe is fully enclosed with a non-heated print bed. The machine is easy to use and available at an affordableprice point for schools who desire more than one machine.

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Excellence in education

Vital Link honored Airwolf 3D Co-Founder Erick Wolf with the Innovative Design Award for his participation in various youth programs that introduced students to 3D printers in STEM education.

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How to choose the right 3d printer for your school

Engineering Instructor Ron Ponce from Anaheim High School offers advice on how to choose a 3D printer for your school and inspire students through effective integration of 3D printing in the classroom

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Proud Sponsor & 3D printing training provider

Our mission is to empower educators with the 3D printing knowledge and tools necessary for America’s kids to fulfill their potential as our future innovators and leaders.

That’s why Airwolf 3D is the primary sponsor and exclusive 3D printing training provider for the ocMaker Challenge, an integrated STEM design competition for schools in Orange County, CA.

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3D Printing Curriculum


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